Employee Care

A:  Law-abiding operators guarantee that complete
Strictly in accordance with the labor contract law provisions and all staff sign labor contract.
Payment of five kinds of insurance, including the endowment  insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance and maternity insurance.
The establishment of poor employee benefits, project for sick or poor relief staff .

  The establishment of family members of staff condolences, would love to extend to between the employee's next of kin.

In HeXie, this "four basic security lines" really for the staff to set up "a sense of security, medical services, a full range of hard will deliver", multi-level security system.
B:   Create a warm working environment
C:   Attention to employees safety

Safety target of Kaida is "zero injuries, zero error and zero accident". Each entry employees accept is the first comprehensive physical examination and safety training, each staff to attach great importance to safety concept, the management of the unexpected accidents are highly responsible.

Whether walking or driving the car, must abide by the red lights and other traffic rules. Therefore, the traffic safety record of Kaida always better than other enterprises.
D:  Good accommodations

Great started internal canteen for staff, invited senior chefs, provides superior quality of three meals a day for the employees, there is a saying "meet the employee's stomach, also obtained the employee heart".
E:  Pay attention to employee mental treatment

We found that in reading the best employer in Chinese case, "respect", "trust", "communication", "encourage", "care", "win-win" and other words to be concerned about the frequency is very high, so we summed up one of the common characteristics of these outstanding employer, is pay attention to employee.

A person playing method of maximum capacity, is the appreciation and encouragement, our leader is good at improving employee satisfaction treatment through humanized management , pay attention to employee opinions and suggestions, give employees the management rights, and protect their rights, in Kaida, base layer can be directly written to senior employees, your suggestions will be managers to listen carefully and timely feedback.