Company Culture


The image of the people: mature, science and technology, specialization, internationalization

The image of things: what sound system, standardized management. Decision clarity, operation process, quality standard, the goodwill of service

The image of objects: fine, classic


The others deemed absolutely impossible

The others thought that something very simple to persevere


Rapid response, immediate action!


The need of  Great enterprise is the customer's reputation

The customer gives the enterprise without any attempt to praise, enjoy great popularity among the people, this is the reputation, the reputation is priceless,  valuable, reliable.

Service concept

All for customers, creating customer value.

Service strategy

Through standardization, differentiation, value of service to customers to reduce their psychological cost and use cost, and ultimately improve customer delivered value, profit ability and the ability to buy, so as to enhance the microwave service brand competitive power, leading the new trend of service industry.

Service target

Exceed customer expectations, beyond industry standards.

Service commitment

48 hours service engineer standby; arrived at the scene within 48 hours of receiving the customer demand, and in 30 days will failure problem of the whole processing.

The engineer was not allowed to leave the place without customer.