Tablet packing machine

- Mar 19, 2015 -

Suitable for round and ball materials of food, chemical products packaging .Such as sugar coated tablets, tablets, capsules, chocolate beans.

  package material: Polypropylene / polyethylene, polyester / foil / PE, PET / Plated Al / PE, nylon / polyethylene etc.


  1,Advanced vibration counting device.

  2, Multi directional vibration, amplitude according to the material specification and filling precision step less adjustment, realized high precision counting.

  3, Six digit particle disc industry.

  4, The measurement range : Φ12 x 24 tablets. It also can design four workers digit particle disc according to the needs, so as to measuring range up toΦ8.5 * 100 tablets.


  Model: GRT-60

  Bag length: 80 ~ 145 mm

  Bag width: 30 ~ 100 mm

  Packing speed: 40- 60 bags/min

  Measuring range: 4 ~ 100 ml

  Measurement methods: screw

  Bag type: three sides or four edges sealing

  Power: 1.54 Kw / AC 380V / 50Hz

  Dimensions(L*W*H): 695* 770* 1580mm

  Weight: 175 Kg

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