Outside Pumping Vacuum Packing Machine

- Mar 19, 2015 -

The machine adopts microcomputer integrated line of advanced control , with a collection of set vacuum and inflatable packaging. No chamber and gas nozzle mechanism, without the vacuum chamber size limit.

  Applicable to the Anti-static dust-free room, Lower vacuum degree requirements,

  pneumatic high purity goods packaging.

  The main configuration:

  1,AIRTAC brand pneumatic component,

  2,The sealing heating uses the pulse isolation transformer,

  3,The heating sheet adopts 8020 alloy heating wire,

  4,Nozzle type gas displacement vacuum pump imported from Korea, oil free, low noise.

  5,ESD 304 stainless steel table.

  Equipment features:

  1, Microcomputer control system.

  2, Work process parameter memory function.

  3, Precise, reliable sealing temperature adjusting system.

  4, Free adjustment of antistatic work platform design.


  Model: GRT-600F

  Vacuum pumping rate: 4L/S

  Seal size(max)(mm): 600 x 10

  Power: 1800W 220V

  The limit pressure: 0.065MPA

  The maximum packing size(mm): 150 * L * 450

  Machine dimensions(mm): 560 x 530 x 380

  Packing speed: 3-4 /min

  Optional: nitrogen

  Vacuum: nozzle type gas drive

  Clean compressed air: 0.7MPA

  Main material: cold plate spray

  Weight: 105Kg

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