GRT4230 Automatic packaging machine

- Mar 19, 2015 -



  Type : GRT-4230

  Gas consumption :2.5 m3/min 6kg/cm2

  Film width : Max.420mm

  Bag length: 80-300mm

  Bag width: 80-200mm

  Coil diameter (max) :360mm

  Packing speed : 5-60bags/min

  The thickness of films: 0.04-0.08mm

  Specification of power supply: 220V、50/60Hz、2.4KVA

  Weight: 450Kg


  1, Advanced design, reasonable structure, reliable performance

  2, Adopted double synchronous belt tension membrane, tension is controlled by the cylinder, automatic correction, alarm and protection function, minimized the loss.

  3 , The machine is a matching machine with a collection of bag making, filling, printing and counting .

  4 , Changed switching mode and metering device according to the material

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