Horizontal automatic packaging machine

- Mar 19, 2015 -


  1, Stable operation, fast speed, low energy consumption.

  2 ,Filling and sealing without leakage.

  3 ,Optional sealing: four edges or three edges sealing.

  4 ,The large capacity packing: Less than 300ml.

  Technical parameters:

  Type: GRT-180

  Packaging speed:(bags / minute): <85

  Measuring range (ML): <300

  Bag size (mm): (L) 100-225 wide (W) 85-225

  Bag way: three side sealing or quadrilateral sealing

  Measurement methods: optional

  Power (Kw): 5

  Weight (Kg): 1200

  Dimension L*W*H (mm): 3200X1000X2420

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