Full automatic stone mill flour machine

- Mar 19, 2015 -


Product introduction:

  Full automatic stone mill flour machine, which mill is a pure natural flour, does not contain any additives, good taste, high nutritional value.

  With the stone mill, avoided large machinery production of flour at high temperature to destruct nutrients, so as to preserve more nutritional components of the flour.


  1, One man operation, multi use of one machine, automatic feeding, separation and basket surface;

  2, It can processing of corn, wheat, sorghum, etc..

  3, Low speed grinding and low temperature processing, authentic. It does not make starch gelatinization because of high temperature. protein and vitamin is not destroyed, nutrient composition still exists.

  4, Stone ground flour machine contains a variety of minerals and trace elements. Natural friction with stone and grain, mineral nutrition elements into the grain, natural hybrid, All blend were into one harmonious, more rich nutrition.

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