Desktop Outside Pumping Vacuum Packing Machine

- Mar 19, 2015 -

Suitable for moisture-proof anti-static, anti oxidation packaging of precision electronic and pieces of metal processing.

  Technical parameters:

  Model: GRT-450

  Vacuum pumping rate: 4L/S

  Max size: 480 x 10mm

  Power: 1.5KW

  The limit pressure: 0.065MPA

  The packing size(max): 150 * L * 480

  Dimensions: 340 x 470 x 530mm

  Packing speed: 1-2 /s

  Optional: nitrogen

  Vacuum type: nozzle type gas drive

  Clean compressed air requirements: 0.7MPA

  Main material: cold plate spray

  Weight: 50Kg

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