Powder automatic packaging machine

- Mar 19, 2015 -

Widely used in medicine, food, chemical products. such as: milk powder, soy milk powder, starch, medicine powder, pesticide powder, Coffee powder, seasoning powder, starch, flour dumplings, fertilizer powder, additive, flour etc.

  The finished shape is three or four edges sealing flat bag.

  (Note: three sides sealing shape is conventional products, Four side sealing shape needs customized heat sealing device.)

  Medical GMP standard accordance.

  Technical parameters:

  Model: GRT-60

  Packaging materials: Composite film

  Packing speed : 40 - 60 bags/min)

  Measuring range (ML): 1 -80

  Bag size (mm): 50 -120(L), 60 ~ 85(W)

  The power supply: three-phase four wire system 380V/50Hz

  Material: stainless steel

  Power (kw): 1.72

  Weight (kg): 215

  Outline dimension (mm) : 665 x 770 x 1640

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