Semi-Automatic Packaging Machine

- Mar 19, 2015 -

Cropping system in machine inner.
Conveyor Belt
Packaging scope: 2-50kg
Packaging speed: 100-300bag/hour
Packaging bag form: pocket
Packaging accuracy: ≤2‰
Voltage: 380V
Size: 1640*800*2600mm
1, Machine with a collection of feeding, weighing, packing, transporting, clamping bag and sewing bag.
2, Computer automatic measurement, continuous operation, accurate measurement.
3, Using high speed sampling, processing instruments and digital frequency conversion technology, high precision, is suitable for different packing material characteristics, simple operation and flexible.
4, Using pneumatic actuators, reliable work, simple maintenance.
5, Perfect exhaust system and good sealing performance, double sealing, can prevent dust leakage and ensure that the products of high purity.
6, Prepared with RS-232C or RS-485 communication interface, can be connected with host computer.
7, It can be customized according to customer demands.
The scope of application:
Suitable for hardware granular, block, strip material quantitative.

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