GRT-52A Inclined intermittent automatic packaging machine

- Mar 19, 2015 -

Ⅰ.Product features:

1, The series models is a set of bag, filling, sealing, printing, punching, count machine;

2, Using servo motor double synchronous belt tension membrane, and with automatic correction function;

3, PLC control components are adopted international famous brand products, reliable performance, transverse sealing, vertical sealing to pneumatic, steady and reliable action;
4, The machine and metering device can automatically complete the whole process of supporting packaging metering, feeding, filling, date printing;

5, Advanced design ensures the packaging machine and makes it’s suitable for different industries , it is very convenient when in using, adjustment, operation, repair ;

6, It is support to use of the domestic and foreign various measuring equipment.
II. The bag form:

This machine can be made according to customer needs pillow shaped bags, bag.

III. Specifications parameters
Project Content
Packing speed 45 packages /min
Bag size (L)20-450mm(W)140-300mm
Measurement range ≤4 liters
Film width (max) 730mm
Film thickness 0.06-0.12mm
Pascal gas consumption 0.7x105 Zhao Pascal 200 L / min
Power/ Voltage 4.5KW/220volts 50HZ
Dimensions L1360*W1630*H1900mm
Weight 900kg

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