GRT-5-3A Multi station rotary bag packaging machine

- Mar 19, 2015 -

Ⅰ. Scope of application:

1, Lumps categories: candy, chocolate, biscuits, beans, peanuts, pistachios, candy, cakes, daily necessities, food, pickles, puffed food.

2, Granule: knot refined monosodium glutamate, granular medicines, capsule, seed, chemical raw materials, sugar, essence of chicken, melon seeds, nuts, pesticide, fertilizer, feed etc..

3, Powder categories: condiments, monosodium glutamate, milk powder, glucose, washing powder, chemical raw materials, refined sugar, pesticide, fertilizer etc..

4, Liquid / paste: detergent, yellow wine, soy sauce, vinegar, fruit juice, tomato sauce, peanut butter, jam, chili sauce, bean paste and so on other bagging materials.

II. Characteristics of the product:

1, Using bag automatic packing machine replaced the manual packaging, which realize packaging automation, improve the production efficiency of all professions and trades, greatly reduces the cost for the large enterprises, small and medium scale enterprises;

2, The range of packaging machine can include liquid, paste, powder, granule, solid and various materials, and according to the different material to choose different metering filling device;

3, Packaging bags can adapt to a wide range, such as prefabricated bags, multi-layer composite membrane made of paper bags. All can be applied.

4, Rapid change specifications of packaging bags, the width of automatic bag device can quickly adjust and easily handle;

5, Conformed to the hygiene standards of food processing machinery, machines and materials or packaging bag which contact parts adopt stainless steel or other materials meet the processing requirements of food hygiene, food hygiene and safety guarantee.

6, The machine standard detection device can detect the machine without the packaging or packaging bags, which did not open the case makes filling device is not filling, heat sealing device does not seal, thereby avoiding waste package materials and raw materials;

7, Package material loss is low, packaging bags pattern perfect, good sealing quality, improved the product quality;
8, The machine uses a variable frequency speed regulating device, which can be regulated according to the arbitrarily in a certain range of actual need in the production;

9, The operation is convenient, used advanced PLC and POD (touch screen) electrical control system, man-machine interface is friendly, the operation is convenient;

10, RD8-200, with two filling equipment and the two heat sealing, used for a variety of packaging materials.
III. Specifications parameters
Project Content
Machine station Eight station
Packaging bag type four side seal bags, three sides sealing bag, self-reliance bags, handbags, zipper bags, plastic bags, paper bags with cap composite bag.
Packaging bag size (L)100-300mm(W)80-200mm
Weight 5-1500kg
Weighing range 5-1500g
Packing speed 60packages/min
Total Power 2.5KW
Size 1680*1420*1465mm
Compressed air consumption 0.6 cubic meters /min compressed air supplied by the user

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