GRT51A fully automatic vertical packaging machine

- Mar 19, 2015 -

Ⅰ.Product features:

1, Low input, high return, fast speed, high efficiency;

2,Imported PLC computer control system, man-machine interface, large touch screen display, simple operation;

3, Servo film transporting system, transverse sealing pneumatic control, accurate positioning, excellent performance;

4, The maximum improved the reliability and intelligence program.

5, The machine and metering device matching can complete automatic the whole process feeding, bag making, filling, date printing, inflatable (exhaust), counting, the finished output.

II. Specifications parameters
Project Content
Packing speed 50 packages /min
Bag size (L)60-300mm(W)60-200mm
Film width (max) 420mm
Film thickness 0.04-0.09mm
Pascal gas consumption 0.8 Zhao Pascal
Power/ Voltage 2.2KW/380volts 50-60HZ
Dimensions L1458*W920*H1392mm
Weight 450kg

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