snack food processing equipment

- Mar 19, 2015 -

Our company has a sophisticated and comprehensive professional and technical personnel in the small food processing equipment, modern technology in place of the traditional mechanical processing technology, Since put on the market, achieved the customer consistent high praise, the product demands exceeds supply, selling all over the country. Its leading products are mainly:
The imitation of hand rubbing machine, automatic Hemp flowers.
Automatic open pine, rice and wheat. Coffee corn complete sets of equipment.
Large explosion puffing machine. The butterfly flour mill.
Caramel treats, swelled candy rice complete sets of equipment.
Inflating food equipment, crushing, cutting equipment...
Transport, lifting,. Grading, cleaning, soaking, pre boiling, blanching, drying, dehydration, sterilization, sterilization, Install stack machine, unloading machine, filling, sealing the series.
Corn deep processing, beverage processing, canned fruits and vegetables deep processing, leisure food processing equipment.
Fruit and vegetable processing, automatic pancake, beverage cans production line. etc.

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