Box type microwave drying (sterilization) machine

- Oct 20, 2014 -


1、 Using the tray horizontal rotation, rapid, uniform drying and sterilizing;

2、The side of the wind inlet, the top row of wet, the reasonable airflow organization. High efficient wet exhaust;

3 、The parameters can be set freely, adjustable power, temperature and humidity chain can only control;

4 、Teflon tray, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, easy to clean;

5 、Microwave leakage value equal to or less than 1mW per square centimeter (national standard is less than or equal to 5mW per square centimeter)

Working principle: the use of microwave energy effect, make the water drying cavity to heat, so as to achieve the purpose of drying or sterilization.

Features: drying, sterilization equipment with high efficiency and uniform reliable; cavity tray to rotate; the man-machine operation interface, PLC automatic control, easy operation; non contact infrared temperature measurement technology, a simple accurate.

Application: widely used in drying and sterilization material thermal stability of biological, pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries better, especially suitable for all kinds of medicine, health care products such as the many varieties of small batch drying or sterilization.

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