Application of Microwave Drying Equipment in Industry

- May 08, 2019 -

In the development of drying industry in China, microwave is slowly used in drying equipment. After several years of continuous research and development, microwave drying equipment has been successfully developed. Microwave drying equipment is rapidly recognized by the pharmaceutical industry with its unique advantages. In just a few years, it has made some achievements in food, powder, chemical industry, refractory industry and banned some traditional drying equipment. Principle of microwave drying equipment:

Material directly acts with microwave, polar molecule (water molecule, etc.) in material absorbs microwave and changes original molecular structure under microwave action, showing directional alignment; polar molecule moves POLARLY with the change of external electromagnetic field, and at the same speed as microwave frequency (915 MHz), polar molecule moves 915 million times./ Seconds) Friction collision produces heat energy, so that the material from the interior in a short period of time to quickly rise in temperature to achieve heating and ripening effect. Main characteristics of microwave drying equipment:

High efficiency: Microwave makes material itself a heater without heat conduction process. Therefore, under a certain power density intensity, generally only tens of seconds, minutes can achieve satisfactory results, its heating speed than hot air, infrared and other traditional ways 4 to 10 times faster.

Uniform and thorough: Microwave has penetration performance, surface and internal simultaneously, can ensure that both internal and external temperatures meet the required values, so drying and sterilization are more uniform and thorough than conventional thermal drying and sterilization.

Low temperature treatment: Microwave has the dual sterilization effect of rapid heating and non-thermal effect. Generally, the sterilization temperature is 65-70 C, 75-80 C or 103-121 C, and the time is 3-8 minutes, which can retain more food nutrients and flavors such as color, fragrance, taste and shape.

Environmental friendly: Microwave is a direct effect on materials, heating box itself is not heated, there is no additional thermal energy loss, thermal efficiency can be as high as 80%, generally energy-saving 30-50%; because the use of water, electricity and other basic energy, there is no "three wastes" problem; microwave is controlled in the metal heating room, microwave leakage is effectively suppressed, there is no radioactivity. Harm, no high temperature, no waste heat, no dust pollution.

Automation Control: Microwave equipment is simple to operate, easy to control, no thermal inertia, can use PLC man-machine interface to program automatic control of heating treatment process, to ensure continuous production. Reduce production operators and labor costs.

Cost-saving: Microwave equipment does not need boilers, pipeline systems, coal yards and transport vehicles, etc. It has compact structure, saves workshop space, less investment and high efficiency

materials have biological effects in the heating process of microwave drying equipment. Under the action of microwave, harmful bacteria, insect pests and other microorganisms in materials are affected by non-polar thermal movement and polar rotation to change their arrangement, combination state and movement law, make organisms inactivated by protein deterioration, and relax, break or recombine some hydrogen bonds of ribonucleic acid (RNA) and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in cells, interfere with or destroy their normal new ones. Metabolism, inheritance and proliferation, inhibit or kill the growth of bacteria and pests, achieve the effect of insecticide, sterilization and preservation.

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