Microwave Drying Solves the Problem of Chemical Fertilizer Industry Drying!

- May 08, 2019 -

< P > Henan Microwave Equipment Network: Microwave technology originated in communication, broadcasting and other fields. In the process of use, people found that microwave can cause thermal effects. So people began to study the microwave heating system crazily. By the end of the 1960s, microwave heating technology had been applied to industrial projects of drying, insecticide and sterilization. Because of the unique advantages of microwave drying, the development of microwave technology is very rapid. The fertilizer industry is one of the pillar industries in the national economy, and the production process of fertilizer is becoming more and more mature. However, there are many unfavorable factors and problems in the drying process of fertilizer, especially compound fertilizer: (1) the drying temperature can not be too high, so the drying impetus is small and the drying time is long; P>2) the drying device is huge and the productivity is low; 3) the investment cost is large and the production cost is high. Thermal and non-thermal effects of

microwave field can be solved by microwave technology and equipment. The drying time can be shortened and drying rate and productivity can be improved at a low temperature. Tang Jianwei of Sichuan University has done the experiment of acid hydrolysis of phosphate rock under microwave to produce common calcium. The research shows that microwave can improve the temperature of phosphate rock pulp, change the crystalline form, promote the reaction and improve the conversion rate.

For the further study of microwave drying process of chemical fertilizer, the effect of microwave on the granulation performance of high nitrogen compound fertilizer was found out through experiments, and the optimum technological conditions and the mechanism of mass and heat transfer of microwave drying compound fertilizer were determined. Preliminary experiments show that the temperature of fertilizer increases very slowly under the action of microwave, heating in microwave oven for 40 minutes does not exceed 50 C, while under the same conditions, the temperature of water heating in microwave oven for 5 minutes can reach 80 C, and the quality can be reduced by 70%. This is because the dielectric constant of general fertilizers is much smaller than that of water, such as urea 3.5, potassium chloride 5.03 and ammonium chloride 7.0. The different effects of microwave on fertilizer and water are the theoretical basis of microwave drying compound fertilizer. It can be predicted that the new drying technology and equipment of microwave drying equipment will make the drying process of fertilizer production a new look.

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