Pigskin Extruder-Farewell to the Oil Fume Age

- May 08, 2019 -

With the improvement of the processing technology of pigskin, people are more and more fond of the expanded pigskin. Whether it is roasted, fried, fried, cooked, served, and starched, it can produce a delicious dish. The pigskin can be stored well after being expanded by microwave equipment for later consumption.

So what is the extruding process of pigskin?

Pigskin is a kind of meat product raw material with high protein content. The protein content of pork skin is 2.5 times that of pork, the carbohydrate content is 4 times higher than that of pork, but the fat content is only 1/2 of that of pork. Generally speaking, the expansion of pigskin can be carried out by traditional frying. However, the cost of oil is high, the oil content is large, the fume is large, and the quality of the expanded products is poor, which is not conducive to human health. After years of research in the field of microwave heating in Henan Province, it was found that microwave had a good effect on the expansion of pigskin, so a special pigskin expander for pigskin processing was developed. This expanding equipment replaced the traditional frying method. It was simple to operate, energy-saving, environmental protection, safety and hygiene, and no loss of nutrients. Since then, the expansion of pigskin completely farewell to the frying era.

P>Expansion process of pigskin: P>1. Select pigskin: Choose bare pigskin after curing in meat joint factory, no scar, no epidemic disease, fragmentary or complete. P>2. Soak and wash: Soak fresh pigskin in water for 30-60 minutes, then wash it with bamboo root brush or plastic brush.

3, kick out the fat: Scrape off the dirt on the surface with a knife, remove the subcutaneous fat, cut the scars and scars,

4, pigskin shape: cut into cubes, size is controlled at 300*300 cm wide

<5, microwave drying expansion: put into microwave drying equipment after rapid microwave drying, golden or brown rolled bright blocks, and then microwave expansion processing. 。 P>6. Packing: Packing and storage of expanded pigskin.

Pigskin microwave extrusion equipment is a pure physical process with high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and other characteristics. Its products have uniform pore shape, yellowish-white color, preservation of the original nutrients, quick rehydration, long foam, no oil, good taste, and non-fried, labor saving, no oil smoke, clean and hygienic, in line with the concept of organic food, I believe that there will soon be a larger market.

Diet Encyclopedia:

Before eating, soak in warm water for two minutes to make the expanded pigskin absorbent, fluffy and soft, and so on. After extruding the water, it is flexible, soft and fragrant, and has excellent flavor!

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