Microwave sterilization equipment is widely used

- May 08, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network: Since the health department issued the notice of disinfection technical specifications, many hospitals, hotels and other units have introduced relevant disinfection equipment. Since the application of microwave heating in industry, microwave drying technology and sterilization technology have become more and more mature. In particular, microwave drying sterilization equipment has a huge application space in the drying and sterilization of bedding, pillow, mattress and sheet.

Hospitals, hotels and bathing centers are backward in disinfection methods and complicated in operation due to long-term incomplete disinfection. Combining the same kind of product technology at home and abroad. Developed and developed quilt disinfection equipment. The equipment uses microwave technology for high temperature and biological double sterilization, highly disinfects the washed bedding and other products, kills bacteria and viruses, and dries the bedding in the same way. It is used as a microwave dryer and has one machine and two functions.

Microwave drying equipment application industry: bedding, pillow, mattress, patient clothes, sheets, clothing and other fibers, clothing and other articles in hospitals, hotels, sanatoriums, schools, kindergartens, trains, car sleeping compartments and other units. Characteristics and functions of microwave sterilization equipment:

1. Disinfection: It can kill all kinds of bacteria, viruses and reproductive bodies.

2. Deodorization: It can remove odors caused by various factors, such as medicinal odor, mildew odor, odor, bloody odor, feces and urine odor.

P>3. Insect repellent: It can eliminate all kinds of insects in bedding, such as fleas and bedbugs. P>4. Safety: More thorough, more comfortable and safer than disinfection under normal sunlight.

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