Guidelines for purchase of grain dryers

- May 08, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: Recently, customers asked about grain dryers in particular, because the grain has been collected, storage has become a problem. If stored directly, the moisture will deteriorate over a long period of time. Therefore, some large grain households are trying to use drying equipment to dry, coupled with the government's procurement of equipment has the corresponding policy, making the current inquiry a lot of people.

For corn dryers commonly asked, rolling dryers can be selected for daily drying of more than 100 tons. Specifically, we can communicate with our customer manager to design the size, size, power, single or three drums of the drum dryer. For other crops with relatively small yield, other drying equipment can be selected according to different materials. For example, vegetables, fruit slices, tea and so on, depending on the daily processing capacity, you can choose the box type of hot air drying equipment and small microwave drying equipment.

Henan reminds friends who need to buy drying equipment here that they must check more before they buy it. It's better to go to the equipment factory for field investigation to judge the strength of the factory. Whether the parameters of the equipment can meet their own needs, whether they can work at full load, whether the structure of drying equipment and accessories are the best parts in the industry, how long the service life is, and how long the daily maintenance is. Problems such as after-sales service and so on should be taken into account, not just the price.

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