Development History of Drying and Sterilization of Chrysanthemum morifolium

- May 08, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network: It is the harvest season of Huaiju from mid-late October to early November every year. Huai Chrysanthemum is a kind of chrysanthemum produced in Jiaozuo area of Henan Province. Because Jiaozuo was called Huaiqing Palace in ancient times, the chrysanthemum produced here is also called Huai Chrysanthemum. Huai Chrysanthemum belongs to the dual-purpose of medicine and food. As a medicinal material, Huai Chrysanthemum has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, soothing wind and clearing liver. The processing technology of Chrysanthemum morifolium is generally drying and sterilization. People used to use sunlight to dry naturally, but it was too slow. There are many irresistible factors. When it comes to rainy and cloudy days, it is necessary to extend the drying cycle. Slowly people used drying equipment to dry Huaiju. The earliest one was a hot air dryer, which produced ventilation to drain the moisture from Huaiju by heating. At present, microwave is applied in chrysanthemum drying equipment industry. Huai chrysanthemum drying adopts advanced microwave drying sterilization technology. It takes only ten minutes for fresh chrysanthemum to be dried well from the inlet, but it takes ten hours to adopt traditional drying technology. It can be said that this kind of microwave drying greatly improves the work efficiency. Generally, 5 kg fresh chrysanthemum can produce 1 kg dry chrysanthemum, the price is about 100 yuan per kg dry chrysanthemum.

Wuzhu County is the main producing area of Huaichrysanthemum. This year, the planting area is 12,000 mu. The output of dry chrysanthemum can reach 24,000 tons and the output value reaches 190 million yuan. It plays a good role in promoting the increase of farmers'income in agricultural efficiency.

Industrial demand promotes industrial development, and microwave drying equipment industry is gradually growing in such a market. With its high efficiency, environmental protection and other advantages, it is gradually recognized by the pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industries.

Huaiju drinking encyclopedia:

It takes about 90 degrees of hot water to brew Huaiju. After brewing for two or three minutes, its petals unfold very beautifully. The soup color gradually changes from clear to light yellow, and it smells refreshing and refreshing.

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