Several factors to be considered before purchasing drying equipment

- May 08, 2019 -

< P > Drying equipment mixes in all walks of life like a fish in water, due to market demand. Although China started late, the market demand urged the rapid development of the industry, making the drying equipment industry has a very large scale. So what problems should be considered before enterprises purchase drying equipment?

1. Is material drying suitable

drying in production is the significance of how to reduce the required funds by drying talent, the shape of materials varies greatly, and the original shape is tense, such as liquid, slurry, paste, filter cake, wet powder granules, various strips and lumps. There are also many types of drying equipment, and there are various drying equipment which are compatible with material condition and treatment penalty. Therefore, how to select drying equipment which is compatible with material is an important problem

If the wrong type of drying equipment is selected, not only the drying equipment itself is planned reasonably, but also the size, thermal efficiency and drying time will be greatly bred. In other words, there is no omnipotent drying equipment; the above must be taken into account when choosing the drying configuration.

2. The grasp of drying process

When drying, it is necessary to check the wetting time of the material and the characteristic values of the material after drying, especially the change of thermal sensitivity and moisture content of the material. The former is the first condition to determine the temperature of the heat source, and the latter is directly related to the volume of the drying equipment. It is better to reduce the moisture content of drying materials to the lowest level, which will make the drying process more economical;

should also observe the location of drying configuration manufacturer, in which the tense problem is the heat source; some conditions will affect the thermal efficiency of drying equipment, therefore, the allocation of low cost ratio should be selected, at this time, the comprehensive funds for drying should be controlled in the minimum scope.

3. The standard of drying equipment

should be taken as the basis for the selection of configuration. The study should be based on the moisture content of the material. The wet state of materials is generally different as follows: liquid and muddy materials; snowflake materials; frozen materials; short fibre materials; paste materials; materials of definite size;

powder body materials; continuous sheet materials; block materials; coating materials. The production process determines the type of drying equipment

production process is to choose continuous or intermittent standard, because many environments are limited by production process. The reasons for choosing continuous drying equipment are as follows:

P>P>1. When the process is continuous,

2. When the same material and quantity is the same, the continuous drying equipment can improve the thermal efficiency;

3. In order to avoid the higher peak value of water evaporation, the continuous drying equipment will evaporate water in the subordinate configuration, so the peak value of water evaporation is smaller and smaller than that of intermittent drying equipment. No waste of working hours;

4. Continuous drying time is short, so it is advantageous to choose continuous drying even if the process is held separately before and after;

P>5. Although a large amount of quantity is appropriate, but the drying time of the articles is also immortal, intermittent drying equipment is often used.

Finally remind: regarding the three packages and maintenance of drying equipment, we must confirm it before purchase and embody it in the contract, so as to ensure that problems occur in the later period of use of our equipment can be timely contacted with manufacturers and solved.

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