Application Field of Low Temperature Drying Vacuum Equipment

- May 08, 2019 -

Henan microwave equipment network: in the drying equipment, the previous spray drying equipment and freeze-drying equipment are commonly used equipment, which occupies a lot of weight in the original drying equipment. In the drying process of Chinese traditional medicine, western medicine, chemical industry, food, health care products and so on, the spray drying equipment is beneficial to the cost, but the product's solubility, original flavor and the shape of the powder have big defects, and it is powerless for products with slightly higher viscosity and heat sensitivity. Freeze drying equipment can get excellent solubility and high quality products, but the output is too low and the cost is expensive. Therefore, under the pressure of production demand, people have developed a new concept of energy-efficient drying equipment, low temperature vacuum drying equipment based on the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of spray drying equipment and freeze-drying equipment.

Drying equipment has a wide range of applications. It can be used with pharmaceuticals, chemical industry, food and so on. Different drying equipment can be selected for different material needs, such as the low-temperature vacuum drying equipment mentioned above. Look at the following Chinese herbal medicine mechanical washing machine, stir-frying machine, swaying granulator, high-efficiency grinder and Chinese herbal medicine grinder. These are highly targeted. Industrial machinery is used for special projects, while mixers such as V-type mixer, three-dimensional mixer and two-dimensional motion mixer have a wide range of applications. According to the different properties of materials, appropriate mechanical equipment can be selected. The technological indexes of

low temperature vacuum drying equipment are just between the above two kinds of equipment. It can form porous and loose inside the drying products, retain the original material properties of the products, and have a good appearance. Because it is vacuum low temperature drying, it can meet the processing requirements of most heat sensitive materials. Low-temperature vacuum drying equipment breaks through the technical difficulties of feeding and discharging materials in vacuum state, and makes the static drying succeed in transforming into dynamic drying. The output of dried products has been greatly increased, while the production cost has been reduced in an all-round way. Low temperature vacuum drying equipment is especially suitable for drying high viscosity, high fat, high sugar and other materials which are difficult to be solved by spray drying and vacuum oven. And it can maintain the stability and consistency of the product batch.

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