What are the equipments for processing jujube?

- May 08, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: At present, in the mature season of jujube, there are a large number of jujube in China to be processed and sold, so what are the jujube processing equipment?

First of all, the jujube grader, through sorting, according to the maturity, size, variety of jujube grading, so as to achieve uniform level and uniform size.

followed by the jujube cleaning machine. The equipment uses bubble generator to clean the residual pesticides on the surface of jujube. At the same time, some disinfectants can be added to disinfect and fix the color.

and then the jujube dryer, which is to dry the jujube, remove the moisture in the jujube for storage and other processing technology. For the traditional jujube dryer, the efficiency is low, especially for the whole drying of jujube, the effect is not good. For the new microwave jujube drying equipment, which can directly act on the internal water molecules of jujube, the moisture in jujube can be quickly removed without causing nutrient loss. Microwave jujube drying equipment has bactericidal function, which can be solved once, and the temperature can be adjusted, automatic control, convenient control.

Finally is the vacuum packaging machine for jujube, which is convenient for storage and sale.

There are some other processing equipment for jujube, such as slicing machine for jujube, equipment for making jujube and so on, which should be determined according to the processing technology of jujube.

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